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Page updated November 8, 2017

The Giovanni Caboto Awards

at Carleton University and at the University of Ottawa

The Giovanni Caboto Awards were established by the National Congress of Italian Canadians Foundation (Eastern Ontario and Outaouais District) and by The National Congress of Italian Canadians (chapter of the national capital region). The Canadian Italian Business and Professional Association of Ottawa (CIPBA) later joined the sponsorship and provided additional funds.

The aim of the scholarship is to encourage Italian-Canadians to pursue a higher education and, particularly, to encourage a more widespread study of both the Italian language and culture and the culture and history of the Italian-Canadian community at the university level. We hope that the initiative of the three associations will inspire other associations and individuals, thus making it possible for the Caboto Awards to reach more students and therefore for it to fulfill more efficiently the purpose for which they were was originally created.

The value of the award will vary from $ 750 to $ 1,250, depending on the availability of funds.

The scholarships are to be assigned to students enrolled in courses offered by the program in Italian Studies Italian or to students of Italian descent attending Carleton University and the University of Ottawa. Special consideration will be given to students of Italian origins or students who have been active in the Italian community. The scholarships are awarded annually and are restricted to full-time undergraduate students who are in good academic standing and in need of financial assistance. Students who meet this criteria should to apply at their respective student awards/assistance offices. Applications will be accepted yearly through the end of November.

To apply at Carleton University contact the Financial Aid and Awards, Room 202, Robertson Hall (613-520-3600), or apply online here.

At the University of Ottawa, contact the Financial Aids and Awards Services, 55 Laurier Ave. East, Desmarais Building, Room 3156 (613-562-5734). Or via Email, or apply online here.

General Information can be obtained by phoning Trina Costantini-Powell (President NCIC, National Capital Region) at 613-526-4315 or at OttawaNCIC-gmail.

Trina Costantini-Powell