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Page updated January 30, 2018
Our Mandate

The National Congress of Italian-Canadians is an umbrella organization that represents over a million Italian-Canadians, whether freshly arrived from Italy, born in Canada, living in mixed households or of mixed ethnicity. The Congress was created in 1974 in Ottawa for the purpose of providing the Italian-Canadian community across Canada with a single voice in matters of concern to it.

The NCIC of the national capital region represents Italian-Canadians in Ottawa and surroundings. It is a non-profit, non-political organization that offers assistance to the Italian-Canadian community in its dealings with the municipal, provincial and federal levels of government, whenever projects of collective interest are involved.

The main aims of the Congress are:

1. To safeguard the interests of the Italian-Canadian community and to stimulate its growth and well being as a viable community determined to preserve Italian values and traditions in the multicultural environment of Canadian society. This means that the Congress acts in concert with Italian-Canadian heritage organizations, clubs, associations and individuals that may have more specific objectives;

2. To foster the integration of Italian-Canadians in the Canadian society at large in a manner that is mutually beneficial, a manner whereby Italian- Canadians can absorb customs and habits from other sectors of Canadian society while at the same time making the Italian heritage more present in and better known to Canadian society;

3. To defend Italian-Canadians against discrimination when and where discrimination exists;

4. To create the best possible conditions for full participation of Italian-Canadians in the life of the nation at the economic, political and social levels;

5. To encourage to the maximum extent the acquisition of proficiency in both English and French languages by Italian-Canadians;

6. To take the necessary steps to ensure that Italian-Canadians retain and enhance their knowledge of the Italian language;

7. To act as liaison among the various Italian-Canadians communities and organizations across the country;

8. To facilitate, when required, two-way consultations between the Italian-Canadian community and governmental agencies and organizations;

9. To promote and encourage the involvement of Italian-Canadians in public affairs;

10. To disseminate information and news of value to the Italian-Canadian community;

11. To help Italian-Canadians in the national capital region retain their rich cultural heritage and at the same time promote creative encounters and interchanges with other Canadian ethnic and cultural groups;

12. To uphold the prestige, dignity and good name of Italian-Canadians, so that not only they but their children and descendants will be proud to be part of the Italian-Canadian community.

The Congress is the voice of all Italian-Canadians. It cannot be thought of as an organization like any other, to be placed alongside others. It is sui generis. It fails in its purpose if it regarded as merely an organization.

In the Ottawa area and surroundings, the NCIC represents approximately thirty-five Italian associations, which include among their members a cross-section of the Italian-Canadian population, that is Italian-Canadians born in Italy, Italian-Canadians born in Canada and Italian-Canadians living in mixed households or of mixed ethnicity. The associations range in size; many were created to maintain the culture and traditions of those parts of Italy from which its members or the members' parents or grandparents originated. The Congress gives a sense of organization to all these different groups. It unites them, gives them a single voice and acts as their representative in the implementation of policies beneficial to all. The associations are represented in the executive committee of the Congress.

As a non-profit organization, the Congress carries out its many tasks and duties thanks to an increasing number of men and women who volunteer their time, expertise and energy for the common cause.

Simply put, because in our multicultural setting it may sometimes be necessary to speak out against or in favour of matters that may have an impact on the life Italian-Canadians, as individuals or as a community. And this can be more usefully done by an entity of national scope.

Whether it be preparing a report on the availability of social services to our community, helping to raise funds for the victims of natural disasters, speaking out against injustices or helping to shape educational policies beneficial to our children, the Congress always does its work with the intent of improving the image of the Italian-Canadian community and of promoting its interests within Canadian society.


If you would like to make a donation ($) please send a Cheque or Money Order payable to the National Congress of Italian Canadians to the following address:

National Congress of Italian Canadians
(National Capital District)
c/o Villa Marconi
1026 Baseline Rd.
Ottawa, Ontario
K2C 0A6